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Energy Saving Method In Tempered Glass Heating Process
Oct 26, 2017

Principle: The existing glass steel technology to use more heating wire heating, heat transfer to convection-based. If the infrared heating technology used in the production of tempered glass, the heat transfer method to become the main radiation. By theoretical calculation, the tempering temperature of 650-700 degrees in the middle temperature region, the radiation heat transfer is 7.9 times the convection heat transfer, obviously in the heating process using infrared heaters can achieve energy saving.

Infrared radiation heater is based on the ability of many materials to absorb infrared light, the general thermal energy into infrared radiation energy, direct radiation to the heated object, causing the resonance of the object molecules, so as to achieve a lower energy and faster Heat the object to the desired temperature. Infrared can penetrate the atmosphere is generally divided into three bands: near infrared band 1-2.5 microns; in the infrared band 3-5 microns; far infrared band 8-13 microns.

Ordinary infrared heaters because the wavelength of radiation is too wide, energy saving effect is still not significant. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, it is necessary to make the radiation wavelength of the infrared radiation heater coincide with the absorption wavelength range of the material to be heated. For this reason, it is first necessary to find the effective absorption wavelength of the material to be heated. Each material has its own special absorption characteristics, that is, it absorbs the heat of a certain wavelength higher than the other bands. According to some reports, in the general processing technology, the effective absorption range of glass is 2.4-6 microns; in the tempered glass heating process, the effective absorption range of glass is 2.7-3 microns. This is basically a mid-infrared band and slightly with the near-infrared region, this band is equivalent to 704-843 degrees. If you do not reach this temperature, it can not be a good tempered glass; beyond this temperature will waste heat.

The second is to find the appropriate infrared radiation heater. Tungsten wire vacuum tube can be radiated near infrared, wavelength does not correspond, so not suitable for tempered glass process. Carbide is a long wavelength of far infrared radiation heater, not only wavelength wavelength does not correspond, the thermal efficiency is also low, not applicable. Quartz glass and ceramic infrared heater can radiate infrared, so more applicable. Quartz glass varieties are different, the structure of the heater is also different, the radiation of the infrared wavelength is also different. According to the characteristics of the absorption of infrared light from tempered glass, it is a very important problem to select and study the development of quartz glass and suitable structure of infrared heater. It can adjust the infrared radiation wavelength of quartz glass heater to meet the infrared Absorption characteristics, so as to achieve the purpose of improving thermal efficiency.

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