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Five Steps To Select The Superior Float Glass
Oct 20, 2017

Five steps to select the superior float glass

Glass market products Ling Lang everywhere, how to choose a consumer headache things, then Xiaobian will take you to see it!

Float glass is the use of float process production of advanced flat glass, optional float glass should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Color: high quality should be colorless transparent or light green.

2. The surface of the glass is not allowed to wipe the attached material.

3. Thickness should be uniform. The thickness of the same piece of glass should be less than 0.2-0.3 mm.

4. There should be no cracks, the edge should not be significantly missing.

5. Through the light observation, not allowed to dip tin, pitting, inclusions, lines and wear marks. In the area of half a square meter, can not have more than 2 mm in diameter bubbles, the diameter of about 1 mm in the bubble to be very little and can not be concentrated distribution; observed in a certain direction, will produce optical distortion of the light distortion point, not more than two One. If there is ripple, then 30 degrees through the glass to observe the object within 4-5 meters, should not produce deformation.

The molding process of the float glass is carried out in the tin bath into the protective gas (N2 and H2). The molten glass flows continuously from the cell kiln and floats on the surface of the tin liquid with relatively large density. Under the action of gravity and surface tension, the molten glass is spread on the tin liquid surface and flattened to form the upper and lower surfaces, harden and cool After being cited on the transition roller table. Roller table roller rotation, the glass out of the tin into the annealing furnace into the furnace, the annealing, cutting, to get flat glass products. Float and other molding methods, the advantages are: suitable for high-quality manufacturing of high quality flat glass, such as no wave tendons, uniform thickness, the upper and lower surface smooth, parallel to each other; the scale of the production line is not limited by the forming method, Low cost; high utilization of finished products; easy scientific management and full mechanization, automation, high labor productivity; continuous operation cycle can be up to several years, is conducive to stable production; for the production of some new varieties to provide suitable conditions, such as Electric float glass, annealing glass coating, cold end surface treatment.

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