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Glass Curtain Wall Function
Dec 21, 2017

The glass curtain wall is composed of supporting structure and glass structure. It has two type which is single layer glazing and double layer glazing. 

The glass curtain wall is a kind of beautiful and modern architectural wall decoration, which is a prominent feature of the modern era of high-rise buildings. The glass curtain wall of the modern high-rise buildings adopts the insulating glass, which is composed of mirror glass and ordinary glass, which is filled with dry air or inert gas.

The insulating glass has two and three layers, and the two layers of insulating glass are provided by a two-layer glass and sealed frame to form a sandwich space.  Three layers of glass are made up of three layers of glass. Insulating glass has the advantages of sound insulation, insulation, anti-frosting, moisture-proof, and high compressive strength. According to the measurement, when the temperature outside is - 10 ℃, the temperature of the single-layer glass window for - 2 ℃, using three layer of hollow glass indoor temperature for 13 ℃. On a hot summer day, double - layer insulating glass blocks up to 90% of the sun's radiant heat. Sunlight can still penetrate through the glass walls, but most of them don't feel hot. The room that uses hollow glass curtain wall can achieve winter warm summer cool, greatly improved the living environment.

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