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Hard Coating Glass Description
Sep 21, 2017



Hard Coating Reflective Glass comes in many intriguing hues to complement the architect's designs. It is suitable for glass curtain wall and blends well with metal, concrete, tiles, granite and other building materials.

With the increase in demand for better performing glass products, new technology has

evolved that allows metallic coating to be applied to glass surfaces. The result is range of glass products that offers the following benefits.

A wide choice of external appearance with varying degrees of reflectance.

Superior, all-around performance levels when compared to those of body tinted glass.

A multitude of combinations to satisfy specific aesthetic and performance requirements.

Where extra solar protection is required, reflective glass offers the perfect solution.

Online reflective glass is produced suing CVO technology (chemical vapor deposition) that creates a perfectly uniform layer of metal oxide chemicaity bonded to the surface of the glass. As this hard chemical layer fully bonds to the glass, the glass can be cut bent, drilled, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated

Without affecting the coating. Reflective glass is available in a range of performances to meet most environmental requirements in terms of solar control, thermal comfort and energy conservation.




  The mirror effect of reflective merges well with the surroundings and provides variations in appearance at different time of the day.

  Reflective glass has excellent solar heat-controlling capacity, and it can substantially reduce the interior air-conditioning load.

  Hard coating reflective glass adequately transmits and reflects visible light to create a comfortable interior environment. Its soft hues keep the interior atmosphere comfortable and filter direct sunlight to reduce glare.

  Hard coating reflective glass has a reflective surface which allows occupants in the interior to see a clear exterior view throughout the daytime.

  Hard coating reflective glass is made by using either clear or tinted float glass. It is also available in tempered, heart strengthened, and laminated forms.

 On the occasion of single glazing, the coating face should be toward inside.

  Online LVC reflective glass can be sent or tempered after manufactured.




  Curtain wall, window etc.

  Interior glass screens etc.

  Shop display windows, showcases, display shelves etc




  High energy saving

 Filters glittering sunlight

 Adding aesthetic senses to building appearance

  Mirror effect


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