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Hollow Glass A New Building Material With Good Insulation
Oct 31, 2017

Insulating glass is a kind of new building material with good insulation, sound insulation and beautiful application, and can reduce the building weight. It is made of two (or three) glass, using high strength and high air tightness composite adhesive, Will be glass and desiccant containing aluminum alloy frame bonding, made of high-performance insulation glass insulation. Hollow glass is superior to ordinary double glass, which has been recognized around the world, the insulating glass is two or more pieces of glass with effective support evenly separated and sealed around the seal, the glass layer formed between the dry gas Space glass products. The main material is glass, aluminum spacing, angle bolt, butyl rubber, polysulfide, desiccant.

Insulating glass is made of two or more flat glass. Surrounded by high strength and high air tightness composite adhesive, two or more pieces of glass and seal, glass bar bonding, sealing. The middle filled with dry gas, the box filled with desiccant to ensure that the glass between the air dryness. Can be selected according to the requirements of a variety of different properties of the original glass, such as colorless transparent float glass embossed glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat reflective glass, wire glass, tempered glass and the border (aluminum frame or glass, etc.) Made by cementation, welding or welding.

Hollow glass can be used 3,4,5,6,8,10,12 mm thick piece of the original piece of glass, the thickness of the air layer can be used 6,9,12 mm interval.

The thermal conductivity of the glass is 27 times that of the air, as long as the insulating glass is sealed, the insulating glass is in the best insulation effect.

Insulating glass between glass and glass, leaving a certain space. The box is filled with a desiccant to ensure the dryness of the air between the glass sheets. The gap between the two layers of hollow glass is generally 8mm.

High-performance insulating glass and ordinary ordinary insulating glass, in addition to the middle of the two layers of glass in the dry air, but also in the outer side of the glass side of the air layer, coated with a good thermal performance of the special metal film. It can be cut off by the sun hit the room quite the energy, play a greater heat insulation effect.

Insulating glass is mainly used for buildings that require heating, air conditioning, noise or condensation, and the need for non-direct sunlight and special light. Widely used in residential, hotels, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, shops and other occasions need indoor air conditioning. Can also be used for trains, cars, ships, freezers doors and windows, etc..

Insulating glass is mainly used for outer glass decoration. Its optical performance, thermal conductivity, sound insulation coefficient should meet the national standard. Reasonable structure, designed to meet the standard of insulating glass, in order to play its insulation, noise, security, fire effect. The use of vacuum double-layer tempered glass can reach the laboratory standards! The market also add inert gas and color pigment gas hollow glass, as well as increase the beauty of the strip and so play a role in reinforcement and decoration.

The role of insulating glass aluminum barrier: aluminum is called active metal elements, but in the air its surface will form a layer of dense oxide film, so that it can not continue with the oxygen, water. At high temperatures can react with oxygen, release a lot of heat, with this high heat of reaction, aluminum can be replaced from other oxides of metal (aluminum heat).

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