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Hollow Glass Is Mostly Used For Doors And Windows Industry
Jul 20, 2017

  Hollow glass is mostly used for doors and windows industry, because we need Gu door and window structure is reasonable, designed to meet the standard insulating glass, in order to play its insulation, noise, security, fire effect. The use of vacuum double-layer tempered glass can reach the laboratory standards! The market also add inert gas and color pigment gas hollow glass, as well as increase the beauty of the bar and so play a role in reinforcement and decoration.

  There are three ways of energy transfer: radiation transmission, convection and conduction.

  Radiation transmission

  Radiation is the transmission of energy through radiation in the form of radiation, which includes radiation such as visible light, infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays, as is the case with the transmission of sunlight. Reasonably configured insulating glass and reasonable insulating glass spacer thickness, can minimize the energy through the radiation form of transmission, thereby reducing the energy loss.


  Convection is due to the temperature difference on both sides of the glass, causing the air to fall on the cold side and rise on the hot side, resulting in air convection, resulting in energy loss. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: First, the glass and the surrounding frame system of poor sealing, resulting in the window inside and outside the gas can be directly exchanged to produce convection, resulting in energy loss; Second, the hollow glass interior space structure design Unreasonable, resulting in the insulating glass internal gas due to the role of temperature difference convection, driven by energy exchange, resulting in the loss of energy; Third, constitute the entire system of the window between the temperature difference between the larger, resulting in hollow glass inside and outside the temperature difference Large, air with the role of cold radiation and heat conduction, first in the hollow glass on both sides of the convection, and then through the hollow glass as a whole to pass the formation of energy loss. Reasonable insulating glass design, can reduce the convection of the gas, thereby reducing the energy convection loss.

  Conduction transmission

  Conduction is the movement of objects through the movement of molecules, driven by energy to exercise, and to achieve the purpose of transmission, as with rice cookers and iron soldering things like the same, while the insulating glass conduction of energy through the glass and its internal Air to finish. We know that the glass thermal conductivity is 0.77W / mk. And the thermal conductivity of the air is 0.028 W / mk, we can see that the thermal conductivity of glass is 27 times that of air, and the presence of active molecules such as water molecules in the air is the conduction and convection transfer properties of the insulating glass The main factors, thus improving the sealing performance of insulating glass, is to improve the insulating glass insulation performance of the important factors.

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