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Hollow Glass With The Advantages Of Sound Insulation And Energy Saving
Sep 08, 2017

Hollow Glass is the second deep processing of flat glass products. Because of its special structure, so that it has sound insulation, heat insulation, energy saving and so on. At present, the state in the macro-policy to promote energy conservation, environmental protection products, the amount of insulating glass increased significantly, but the quality of the insulating glass on the market grade is uneven, and some products do not use a long time there is a leak, Water and other phenomena, so that the building can not achieve energy-saving effect, affecting the aesthetic effect of the building, to the home life inconvenience. How to use high-quality Hollow glass ?

1. Look at the hollow glass product structure

At present, there are two kinds of insulating glass products, one is aluminum products, this product people can directly see the metal bar. One is a composite tape product, people can not see the metal bar. Aluminum products in China's long history of production, since the late 60s to now nearly 30 years of history, has formed a certain scale, the application of more common. The choice of this product to pay special attention to this product because of the production of single-channel seal and double the difference between the seal. Single-channel sealed products, because only a sealant, this sealant water vapor permeability coefficient is higher, penetrated into the hollow glass of water vapor more, easy to failure glass, the service life than the double-sealed products, and resistance to ultraviolet And other performance is not as good as double-channel sealed product stability, the larger use of the project should be cautious. Composite tape method since the 90's by the United States since the introduction of domestic production, to less than 10 years. In 1997, the United States Truseal company in China to promote, this product due to the use of high-quality butyl sealant, plus aluminum bar method of a variety of cumbersome operating procedures in one, simplifying the factory operating procedures, and excellent seal Performance, stable product quality, quickly in our country to be promoted and accepted by the majority of users, has now formed by the United States is only high (Swiggle) as a representative of a new series of insulating glass products.

2. See whether the amount of insulating glass raw material meets the standard requirements

Direct inspection of the quality of insulating glass standards, whether to meet the requirements of the aluminum method, is to see its adhesive layer width (depth) is in line with the requirements, because only meet the requirements of the adhesive layer width (depth) to ensure that there is enough hollow glass Of the bond strength, there is a long enough water vapor channel, there is a strong enough sealing performance, so as to achieve a long enough life of insulating glass. National standard requirements, single-channel sealing product layer width of 8 to 12 mm, double-channel sealing product layer width of 5 to 7 mm. At present, the market sales of products, glue layer width is thin, the thinnest even up to 2 to 3 mm, this product soon failed. For the composite tape products, because of its dosage can not be changed, the main thing is to check whether the pressure in place, glue and glass sealing is tight, whether the plastic plane with the glass plane and so on.

3. See whether the raw material for insulating glass meets the performance requirements

As a secondary processing product, the insulating glass has been widely used in construction, trains, cars, refrigerators and interior decoration, the use of the scope is still gradually expanded, its product performance by the impact of raw material performance is very large, Glue, desiccant greater impact. If the adhesive adhesive strength, UV resistance, sealing performance, high temperature and humidity and climate cycle performance can not meet the requirements, the use of how long, the glue will be aging, so that hollow glass cracking water, resulting in hollow glass failure; The performance of the desiccant and the choice of models wrong, it will make the hollow glass within the water vapor too early gathering, so that the insulating glass condensation or hollow glass surface caused by bending, affecting the aesthetic effect of the building. In recent years, aluminum raw materials have been basically made of raw materials, but the performance of instability, large-scale production plants and mechanized production lines are still using imported raw materials production, the plant's product quality is relatively stable. Composite tape products for domestic promotion in the short time, domestic imitation of the product does not meet the performance requirements of insulating glass, mainly rely on imports of the United States is only high (Swiggle) tape production, product quality is stable.

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