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Nov 10, 2017

One  of  the  most  important  features  in  a  bathroom,  as  it  is  looked  into  eve^day,  a  bathroom mirror  must  not  only  be  straight  but  secure  as  well.  Correctly  install  a  bathroom  mirror  that  will stay put, by following these simple steps.

Step 1

Examine  the  mirror  and  make  sure  it  came  with  four  clips  to  hold  it  in  place.  Most  mirrors  are prepackaged  with clips,  but  in  case  they  aren't,  measure  the  thickness  of  the  mirror  and  then  go to  the  hardware  store  to  look  for some L-shaped clips to screw into your wall and hold your mirror in place.

Step 2

Place  a  level  up  against  the  wall  with  the  top  pordon  of  the  level  positioned  where  you  want the  bottom  of  your mirror to be. Draw a straight line on the wall with a pencil. Draw the line longer than the width of the mirror.

Step 3

Measure  the  width  of  your  mirror.  Mark  two  dots  on  the  level  line  where  the  clips  will  screw into  the  wall.  Position the clips at the corner of the mirror. Install the clips onto the wall using screws and a cordless drill.

Step 4

Measure  the  height  of  the  bathroom  mirror.  Use  this  measurement  to  mark  two  more  dots  with the  pencil  where  the  top  two  clips  should  go.  Attach  the  bottom  of  the  ruler  to  the  lower  clips and  make  the  mark.  Draw  lines  from the bottom clips to the top dots and use the level to make sure the lines are straight.

Step 5

Verify that the space between the top dots are the same distance apart as the bottom clips.

Step 6

Install the top two clips if measurements are the same. Make sure all clips are secure.

Step 7

Put  the  mirror  in  place  by  sliding  the  top  of  it  into  the  top  clips  and  then  popping  the  bottom of  the  mirror into the bottom clips

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