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Identification Of Hollow Glass
Jul 20, 2017

  Identification of Hollow Glass

  1, filled with inert gas argon and krypton

  According to the experts in the design and construction of energy-saving housing, in terms of a window, the loss of heat in the house mainly through the window frame conduction, glass radiation, window and door frame gap convection and other means, and thus have a "hollow glass" And students. In fact, "Hollow Glass" is not "empty", according to technical requirements of the gap between the two layers of hollow glass is generally 8mm, the test proved that if the 8mm spacing completely vacuum, the atmospheric pressure will crush the glass. So qualified Hollow Glass. The interlayer, ie 8mm thick spacing space, must be filled with inert gas argon and krypton. After filling, the test shows its K value (heat transfer coefficient limit), compared to vacuum state, can also be reduced by 5%, which means better insulation performance.

  2, the market confused double glass

  In other words, if you buy back the hollow glass within the sandwich is really "empty", it is undoubtedly that its insulation or insulation barrier performance at best is double glass, Hollow Glass insulation energy efficiency is inevitable, scientific proof, Qualified Hollow Glass, can make the general window heat transfer coefficient limit value k value from the original 3.5 down to 2.8, the heat transfer performance can make the heat is not easy to lose the house. Market counterfeit hollow glass, most of the two glass is simply fixed together, the insulation performance is undoubtedly poor.

  3, between the glass folder with aluminum hole

  Poor insulation performance of the "double glass", often due to the entry of air and water into the sandwich within the fog, and even bear the mold point, so some companies are often used in the two pieces of glass with holes between the aluminum, In the aluminum bar of the pores into the granular desiccant "processing" approach, in fact, only played a temporary deceive role, did not improve the double glass of any insulation performance, Hollow Glass a long time after the failure of desiccant Revealing stuffing.

  "Check out the body," a trick, that is, look at the winter there is no frost between the glass, Hollow Glass spring and summer to see if there is no water vapor. Of course, which embedded in the aluminum, and often the majority of false vacuum. The material of the window frame is also a sign, hollow glass are generally steel rather than aluminum

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