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Identification Of Tempered Glass And Ordinary Glass Method
Sep 26, 2017

  Identification of tempered glass and ordinary glass method:

  1) with polarized sunglasses, you can see the color of the markings, no steel should not see.

  2) turn angle, in fact, is to see whether the surface of the glass pressure spots. You will see the whole board of the glass irregular deformation.

  3) to see the side, when the glass is tempered, will soften, flatness because the reasons for the deterioration of the roller, face to face, the middle of the gap is an oval, so, it is clear.

  4) the flatness of tempered glass is worse than ordinary glass, a simple way: the two glass face to face with the vertical close together to observe the two sides of the two sides of the glass side, look at two pieces of glass long side There is no obvious gap between, if there is a gap is not a certain arc, if it is, it should be steel. Attention is face to face, not face back. It is to be physical. Otherwise, with two exposure X-ray film to see, you look at the side of 70 degrees, you should see the steel after the blue blast, the flatness of the glass than the glass before the steel did not significantly decline.

  5) in the sun with flat light mirror, tempered glass is spent, the glass is not.

  6) steel standard is high temperature ink printing through the screen printing on the glass, in the process of glass steel, high temperature ink and glass surface fusion, so the glass on the steel standard if you do not use hydrofluoric acid wipe will not be eliminated (even if The use of hydrofluoric acid will leave a more obvious traces.) Therefore, to see whether the glass is the simplest straightforward way is to stamp the steel standard.

  7) can use sharp objects in the glass edge (preferably in the future after the installation can not see the place) hard to characterize, if it is prone to scratches, that this glass is not tempered, if the glass surface is very hard, it is difficult to show Injury, that this glass has been tempered.

  8) Shattered a piece of tempered glass, debris will break into the average small particles and no universal glass-like.

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