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What Is Insulating Glass
May 26, 2018

Many consumers must think insulating glass as empty glass from the name. However, the answer is absolutely opposite. Insulating glass gradually enters

into many houses as the improved standards of housing energy saving. Connoisseurs remind you do not regard insulating glass as "double pane glass". According to connoisseurs in energy-saving housing designing, for a window, heat lost is usually caused by window-frame conductivity, glass radiation, shutters and gap convection of doorframe. This is why we have such insulating glass.

Actually, insulating glass is not empty, and usually distance between the two panes is 8mm. Test shows if such distance is full vacuum then the air press will crack the glass into pieces. Thus pane distance of qualified insulating glass also is 8mm, and the space between the double panes must be stuffed with inert air like Argon and Krypton. After that K( limit value of conductivity) reduces 5%, compared with the same vacuum situation, then this means the glass has a good heat preservation. There are always fakes in markets. That means the double panes of insulating glass you buy is really empty then such glass must has a bad heating preservation. Technological detection proves qualified insulating glass can reduce K from 3.5 to 2.8, because lowering conductivity can help avoid heat lost inside room. Fake insulating glass in markets is usually made by easily stick two glass panes together. Thus it is apparent a trick.

"Double glass": the aluminum strips in laminated hole has a weak heating insulation. Often the double panes will be atomized with fog and even has mildew since air vapour enters into it. Thus many enterprises often adopt aluminum strips with holes between panes and put granular desiccant into holes. In fact, such" processing method" can only come into effect temporally, since the desiccant will be out of work as time goes by. One way to test the qualified glass is to see whether there is frost between the glass panes in winter and water vapour in spring and summer. Of course, there are always fakes if the glass has aluminum strips. Quality of window sashes is also a symbol and often sash of insulating glass is plastic steel but not aluminum.

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