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Laminated Glass Purchase Method
Sep 08, 2017

Laminated glass is in two or more than two pieces of glass between the folder transparent adhesive material, high temperature and pressure bonded from the composite glass products, is a very high impact resistance and a certain thermal insulation performance of the safety glass products The Building laminated glass is divided into ordinary laminated glass and laminated laminated glass, mainly using PVB film as the middle layer dry hot pressing process production, is China's national certification and accreditation supervision and management committee compulsory certification of one of the safety glass products. In the purchase of products, should pay attention to the following aspects

1. Look at the sign to check the certificate

Since 2003, since the safety glass product certification, the majority of the construction of laminated glass manufacturers have adopted product certification, companies must be in the sale of the product on the screen or paste the 3C logo, or in its smallest packaging and accompanying documents (Such as certificate of competency) in the plus 3C logo. When purchasing products, please check whether there is a 3C logo, and according to the enterprise information, factory number or product certification, etc. through the network to see whether the purchase of the product has passed the mandatory certification within the scope of the certification is valid.

2. Look at the quality of view

Check the appearance of the product quality, laminated glass should not have cracks, degumming; burst edge length or width should not exceed the thickness of the glass; scratch and wear should not affect the use of the middle layer of bubbles, impurities or other observable Opaque and other defects should not exceed GB-9962 standard requirements.

In the use of the process, should try to avoid external shocks, especially the steel laminated glass to avoid the impact of cutting-edge force. When cleaning glass, be careful not to scratch or scratch, wear the glass surface, so as not to affect its optical performance, safety and beauty. Laminated glass should be used in the installation of neutral glue, is strictly prohibited with the acidic glue contact.

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