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Low-Iron Glass Use You Know?
May 18, 2017

Do you know the use of Low-Iron Glass?

Low-iron glass also known as ultra-white glass, high transparent glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass varieties, light transmission rate of up to 91.5%, with crystal clear, high-grade elegant features, a glass family "Crystal Prince," said. Low-iron glass at the same time with high-quality float glass with all the machinable performance, with superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, like other high-quality float glass as a variety of deep processing. Unparalleled superior quality and product performance make low-iron glass a broad application space and bright market prospects.

Low-Iron Glass use

Low-iron glass can be like other float glass for a variety of deep processing, such as steel, bending, plastic, hollow assembly. The superior visual performance of Low-Iron Glass will greatly enhance these processing glass functions and decorative effects. Therefore, low-iron glass has a wide range of uses and broad market prospects.

In foreign countries, Low-Iron Glass is mainly used in high-grade construction, high-grade glass processing and solar photovoltaic curtain wall and high-grade glass furniture, decorative glass, crystal products, lighting glass, precision electronics industry (copiers, scanners), special buildings.

In the domestic, low-iron glass applications are rapidly expanding, in high-grade buildings and special buildings on the application has opened the situation, such as the Beijing National Theater, Beijing Botanical Garden, Shanghai Opera House, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Nanjing Chinese Art Center and other hundreds of projects have applied Low-Iron Glass. High-end furniture and high-level decorative lighting also began a large number of applications of low-iron glass, held in Beijing, furniture and processing machinery exhibition there are many glass furniture selection of low-iron glass.

Low-Iron Glass as a substrate material, with its unique high transmittance, for the development of solar energy technology to provide a broader space for development. Low-Iron Glass as a solar thermal, photoelectric conversion system of the substrate, is the international solar energy technology breakthrough, greatly improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency. In particular, China began to build a new type of solar photovoltaic curtain wall production line, will use a lot of Low-Iron Glass.

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