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Mirror With The Ability To Reflect The Light Of The Items
Sep 08, 2017

The mirror is a smooth surface, and has the ability to reflect the light of the items. The most common mirror is a flat mirror, often used by people to organize the appearance. In science, the mirror is also often used in and telescope, laser, industrial equipment and other equipment. A glass or a metal article having a surface-polished metal device having a regular reflective property and a metallized reflective film. Often in a metal, plastic or wooden frame. Mirror sub-plane mirror and curved mirror two categories. Curved mirror and concave mirror, convex mirror of the points, mainly for the makeup mirror, furniture accessories, architectural accessories, optical components and solar cookers, lights and searchlights of the mirror, reflective telescope, car mirrors and so on.

Manufacturing methods: glass to form the surface of the reflective imaging surface of the chemical silver plating and vacuum evaporation of two methods, the most commonly used is the chemical silver plating method. This method is to dissolve silver nitrate in water, add ammonia and sodium hydroxide solution and diluted into silver hydroxide ammonia complex salt, made of silver plating solution. To convert sugar or formaldehyde, potassium tartrate solution for the reduction solution. Glass by cutting, grinding (if necessary, grinding and polishing), the surface after washing, with stannous chloride dilute solution sensitized, and then washed, and then mixed with silver plating solution and the solution immediately immersed surface, mirror After the formation of washed, then can be coated with copper and protective paint. Vacuum evaporation method is to wash the glass, placed in the vacuum of 0.1 ~ 10Pa vapor deposition device, the spiral tungsten wire power, the high temperature of the spiral aluminum alloy into a gaseous, deposited on the glass surface to form a mirror. You can also use an electron gun instead of tungsten wire heating. Vacuum evaporation method can also be a smooth metal surface processed into a mirror.

Imaging principle: whether it is a plane mirror or a non-plane mirror (concave mirror or convex mirror), the light will follow the law of reflection and mirror reflection, reflected light into the eyes after the formation of visual in the retina. On a flat mirror, when a beam of parallel beams touches the mirror, the overall direction changes in the forward direction, and the imaging is the same as what the eye sees.

Daily knowledge: the mirror because it is vitreous, by the impact and collision is easy to break, more extravagant is that once a small crack and a little scratches can not be used, so that the mirror is cheap but if the use and protection of the same Make people feel pain! Then the mirror in addition to falling outside what needs to pay attention to it? Have the following:

1.The recommended mirror is placed in a mirror or placed in a rough place.

2.Take the attention of the mirror, hand try not to touch the mirror, to avoid oxidation.

3.Regular cleaning is also one of the most important maintenance methods, but not many people will realize.

4.Try not to spray the fog to the mirror, many people have this habit, need to get rid of.

5.Small mirror as far as possible placed in the baby reach out of reach.

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