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Processing Glass Has A Good Insulation And Other Properties
Sep 25, 2017

Glass processing Introduction Insulating glass is made of two or more layers of glass, with the interior filled with high-performance molecular adsorbent of the aluminum frame separated by a certain width of the space, the edge of the high-strength sealant and the combination of glass products constitute. Surrounded by high strength, high air tightness composite adhesive, two or more pieces of glass and seal, glass bar adhesive seal, the middle filled with dry gas, the box filled with desiccant to ensure that the glass between the air Of dryness.

Introduction of glass to insulating glass

Due to leave a certain cavity, and has a good insulation, heat insulation, noise and other properties. Mainly used for heating, air conditioning, silencer facilities of the outer glass decoration.

1. Insulating glass insulation, sound insulation performance. When the temperature is 20 degrees, the following material thermal conductivity W / (m2 * K): air 0.03; glass 0.8; aluminum frame 24.0. The thermal conductivity of the glass is 27 times that of the air, as long as the airspace of the insulating glass is sealed, the insulating glass will have the best insulation effect. When used in cold areas, the outdoor temperature is 25 degrees and the glass is not condensed. So the insulating glass on the building in winter heating, summer air conditioning, energy conservation can play a significant role. Installation of ordinary double-layer insulating glass can save energy costs 20% -40%.

2. Transmittance. According to the selected glass, the insulating glass can have different optical properties. Visible light transmittance of 10% -80%, heat ray reflectivity range of 5% -50%, total transmittance range of 20% -80%.

3. Anti-condensation performance. When the window is made of ordinary single-layer glass, in the warm room of the winter, there is condensed water on the surface of the glass, which is the condensation phenomenon. Glazing on the glass window, not only block the line of sight also deface the window frames, curtains, walls, textile printing and dyeing workshop will cause waste, defective, if the use of insulating glass can make this situation greatly improved. Winter is usually the case.

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