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Tempered Glass Can Be Called A Real Safety Glass
Sep 26, 2017

  Tempered glass can be called a real safety glass

  After a strict homogeneous treatment, the tempered glass blew probability will be greatly reduced, every 10,000 square meters of glass in 1 year, the probability of occurrence of a blew is only 1%. At this time the tempered glass can be called a real safety glass.

  When the nickel sulfide crystal from the α phase, into the β phase, the crystal volume will be 2-4% change, causing the tempered glass bleached nickel sulfide crystal diameter of about 0.2mm or so. The reason for the self-bleaching of the tempered glass is due to the fact that some of the nickel-containing impurities are mixed in the melt of the raw material or refractory material during the manufacture of the glass, and these impurities are used in the glass melting process to form nickel sulfide crystals. Nickel sulfide crystal over 380 ℃ high temperature is α phase, room temperature is β phase.

  The cooling rate of the glass is very fast under the action of the cooling air. When the glass is cooled to room temperature and the structure is completely fixed, the nickel sulfide crystal is too late to convert to the β phase in the low temperature state and still exist at the high temperature α phase. In the original piece of glass molding, need to go through a slow annealing process, nickel sulfide crystals will not affect the basic strength of the glass. But when the glass for steel processing situation is very different. As the tempered glass is used in the quenching process.

  To solve the tempered glass blew the way is to homogenize the tempered glass: the tempered glass is reheated to 280-300 ℃, and then insulation for 2-4 hours, so that the conditions of blew from the tempered glass in this process burst. The homogenization of tempered glass is also known as the toughening of tempered glass or the hot-dip treatment of tempered glass. If the nickel sulfide crystals appear in the tensile stress zone of the tempered glass, then as long as the crystal transformation occurs, it will occur blew. As the time of crystal transformation is uncertain, the blooming of the tempered glass at room temperature is completely uncertain, and the detonation process reduces the bleed probability.

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