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The Development Of Laminated Glass
Aug 02, 2017

  The Development of Laminated Glass

  The main composition of the laminated glass is through the autoclave, intermittent or continuous vacuum lamination, and on-site casting and rapid fusion of RF laminated technology to complete the processing. Laminated glass has changed the characteristics of traditional glass and crisp and hard, widely used in the car windshield glass, transparent windows, business hall and other isolation intermittent. Laminated glass to avoid the traditional glass in the case of broken pieces of injury, the occurrence of cuts on the incident. The middle of the glass interlayer, can make the glass in the case of damage to the polymerization of glass fragments, thereby reducing the glass fragments of the human body damage. This laminated glass can also be used as an attack against shocks and penetrants. Which has the characteristics of safety, sound insulation and solar energy control. So there are green product features.

  Manufacture of laminated glass

  PVB in the use of laminated glass wider, which is the first application in the industrial glass interlayer resin. Glass sandwich manufacturing process, autoclave lamination work, is the layer of the manufacturing process, which is laminated glass manufacturing process in the key parts. The application of this material, until today in the industry which still occupy an important position. Laminated glass manufacturing process are: pvb film selection, preservation, film room environment, glass cleanliness, film mode, preheating pre-pressure, high pressure kettle glass operation technology.

  In these production process, the process of laminated glass, the film technology, glass preheating pre-pressure process, the operation of the glass in the autoclave these several production process, is the production process more difficult process, this Several aspects of the analysis and research, is to ensure that the quality of laminated glass key link. So this part of the production process in-depth discussion.

  1, with the film operation process

  When the glass is operated on the sheet, first select the PVB film suitable for the width of the glass, and keep the film clean, avoid direct contact with the film and glass, the PVB film naturally flat, do not stretch, align the glass inside and outside You can see whether the reserved signs coincide, and then cut off the excess film, in the cutting operation, to keep the blade tilt, in the edge of the film set aside 0.5mm ~ 2mm film, in order to To avoid film shrinkage caused by shrinkage phenomenon. After the film and glass sheet, set the vacuum rubber band, and check the seal, in the glass by the tension to be evenly, and then the cold glass to make the middle of the film to remove the air clean, and cold pumping time should not be low At 5min.

  2, glass preheating preloading process

  Glass folder good PVB film, after taking the air, the co-glass preheating pre-pressure operation. There are three types of preheating preloading equipment, one is preheating preload box, because of its simple equipment and small investment, low energy consumption, so many manufacturers are favored. However, the shortcomings of preheating the preload box is inefficient and can not adapt to the industrial production. The transmission type vertical and horizontal preheating pre-presses are more efficient in production and are suitable for large-scale production. The difference between the two is to put the glass to complete the preheating pre-pressure work, the glass placed in a way, one is put, one is flat. The vertical preheating pre-press has little effect on the curvature of the glass when the air is evacuated to the glass. The horizontal preheating hot press on the glass for air evacuation operation, because the glass flat, in its own gravity and vacuum pressure under the influence of the glass curvature of the impact. So the horizontal preheating pre-press in the production of large-scale glass is more appropriate.

  3, glass in the autoclave operation process

  The production process in the autoclave is the last step in the production of laminated glass. After preheating the preheating of the glass, in order to make PVB film and glass sheet better bonded together, but also through the constant temperature and high pressure treatment, can be used. The constant temperature and high pressure treatment is to be carried out in the autoclave. First, the semi-finished products of the laminated glass, which are bonded together, are isolated between each piece and placed on the special platform of the autoclave and firmly secured. Then, Kettle pressurized inflatable, when the kettle pressure reached about 0.75MPa, stop the kettle inflated. This is due to the fact that the edges of the laminated glass are not bonded firmly, so that the space in the middle of the glass interlayer overflows under pressure without causing air to enter the interlayer from the edge. When the temperature inside the kettle reaches about 130 ° C, the heating is stopped immediately and the temperature is maintained. At this point the laminated glass has been able to bond, the secondary pressure inside the kettle, the glass has reached the bonding temperature, so the pressure will not make air into the sandwich, to be pressure to 1.2MPa, stop pressing And maintain the pressure balance, continued after 1h ~ 1.5h later, to reduce the temperature inside the kettle to 50 ℃, the beginning of the tank exhaust pressure, until the air is completely discharged, open the door to launch glass. Laminated glass production at this point, as well as finishing work, that is, on a glass-by-piece inspection, for qualified products, pruning. Cut off the surrounding film; on the bubble and degumming of the glass were selected to repair, re-into the reactor pressurized heating.

  With the continuous improvement of production technology, most of the autoclave has the function of automatic control, in practice, according to the characteristics of laminated glass and the actual situation, processing.

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