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The Future Development Trend Of Tempered Glass Needs To Be Combined With The Following Points
Oct 26, 2017

With the development of construction industry, automobile, decoration, furniture, information industry and other industries and the improvement of living space environment requirements, safety glass, energy-saving insulating glass and other functional processing products are widely used. Flat glass supply and demand pattern and consumption structure is changing. Residents to upgrade the consumption structure, to encourage independent innovation, new rural construction and urbanization process will ensure that the domestic market for glass products in the long-term demand growth trend unchanged.

The development of the glass industry and the many sectors of the national economy are in contact, the glass industry to promote the development of the national economy have played a positive role. So the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" also on the development of the glass industry made specific requirements. Also promulgated the laws and regulations to regulate the healthy development of the glass industry. In the new situation, the glass industry must follow the scientific concept of development requirements, change the mode of growth, effectively adjust the industrial structure, in order to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Tempered glass Features: Tempered glass is a high-quality float glass heating close to the softening point, the rapid cooling of the glass surface, so that the distribution of compressive stress on the glass surface, while the tensile stress in the center layer. Because there are strong equal compression stress, So that the external pressure generated by the tensile stress by the glass of the strong compressive stress offset, thereby increasing the safety of the glass.

1, the strength increase: After the glass of the mechanical strength, impact resistance, bending strength can reach 4-5 times the ordinary glass.

2, increased thermal stability: tempered glass can withstand a huge temperature difference without damage, resistance to change the temperature difference is equal to the ordinary thickness of ordinary float glass 3 times.

3, improve the safety: tempered glass by the strong damage, the rapid emergence of small obtuse angle particles, so as to maximize the safety of people. Applications: furniture, electrical and electronic industry, construction, decoration industry, baths, cars, escalators, and other special needs of the safety and the existence of temperature drifting places, and can be used as insulating glass and laminated glass of the original film.

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