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The Main Features Of Low-iron Glass Frit Room Low-iron Glass
Jul 07, 2017

  The main features of low-iron glass frit room low-iron glass, low-iron glass is commonly known, the exact name of the high transmittance glass should be called, the main factors affect the light transmittance is colored silica effect on the metal oxide, The proportion of iron in all metal oxides is the largest.

  Sources of these metal oxides there are two, wherein a majority of the impurities contained in the mineral raw material itself, the high transmittance glass has strict requirements for metal oxide content of materials used, low-iron glass the raw materials used must meet the requirements of ; The second part of the material production process into the additional metal oxide, the main source of three: ① fall into the metal ② equipment wear metal ③ metal container slip pipe equipment corrosion, fall off. High light transmittance glass raw material technology and equipment is characterized by ordinary glass technology in the process, increase the measures to strictly control the source of three metal oxides.

  1. Control measures Control measures are divided into three categories referred to as "except", "separated", "down".

  In addition to: set up professional equipment to the raw materials doped iron and other metals or oxides separated.

  It is important to set the location of this type of device

  Separated: the material does not contact with harmful metals, and to prevent harmful metal oxide off, the way there are plus, low-iron glass lining and wear-resistant coating two. Lining and installation of fixed methods have special requirements, wear-resistant coating of the coating and spraying methods, thickness, dry after the change requirements.

  Down: reduce equipment wear caused by the additional metal object by means of the replacement material, low-iron glass in particular cullet processing must be taken to increase the contact material hardness and decrease specialty composite alloy content of harmful substances (with the requirements of hardness and composition)

  Second, the parameters of the request after the ordinary float glass production into the additional iron in the 200-300ppm, low iron glass room production into the additional iron required to control within 30ppm, low-iron glass the measures should be completed at about 20ppm. Other harmful metals (non-iron) diameter of 0.2mm or more to be removed. On the treatment measures, in addition to functional indicators, but also life indicators, different enterprises.

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