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The Top 3 Things Homeowners Need To Think About When Selecting Glass And Windows For Their Home
Dec 15, 2017

The Top 3 things homeowners need to think about when selecting glass and windows for their home.


1. Natural Light

Natural light is an essential element in creating a comfortable, healthy, light-filled home. Science has proven that natural light is linked to happiness and well-being, and glass is the channel that can bring those feelings of happiness and healthiness into your family life.

One of the wonders of natural light, is that it can make your house feel like a home. There’s nothing better than enjoying those leisurely mornings at home reading the papers while basking in the sunlight of your favourite chill out spot.

The better performing glass you use; the more natural light you can enjoy. For example, large areas of ordinary glass lose heat and don’t comply with energy regulations, leaving homeowners to face the challenge of achieving adequate natural light levels and an energy efficient home.

As a result, many homeowners choose to use smaller windows to achieve the required star rating, ultimately reducing the level of natural light coming into the home.

To overcome this, we advise consumers to choose a high performance glass as this allows them achieve a larger glass area and increased natural light levels, while still maintaining a comfortable home that’s cool in summer and warm in winter.

Using a glass that provides better insulation over ordinary glass offers homeowners the opportunity to increase the glazed area of their home but still achieve a six-star rating and enhanced natural light levels. A win all round.

Top 3 considerations when choosing glass for your home


2. Insulation

When we talk about feeling physically and emotionally comfortable it’s hard to get past temperature – if you feel too hot or too cold then you’re not comfortable. Glass has a huge impact on the livability and comfort of your home. For example, many consumers may not realise that ordinary glass windows are an energy leak.

A typical, adequately-insulated building that uses ordinary glass can lose up to 40 per cent of heat through the windows in winter. The same windows allow up to 87 per cent of solar heat gain during summer.

Homeowners who want greater control over the comfort and temperature of their home have a number of options.

Your window’s insulation performance will help control your home’s temperature and ultimately how your home feels.

Top 3 considerations when choosing glass for your home


3. Acoustics

We know that there is an increasing number of people now living in high density urban areas, so people are looking for long term ways to prevent outside noise disrupting home life.

Blue Star Window system can reduce noise levels entering a home by up to 34 per cent compared to ordinary 3mm glass.

It offers up to a 6 decibel reduction in sound transmission compared to ordinary glass, which is the equivalent of moving a house roughly double the distance from the noise source.

Blue Star Window System can also be upgraded to offer enhanced noise control giving homeowners the opportunity to create a comfortable, peaceful living space that provides sanctuary from the outside world.

Acoustic performance glass is especially helpful for families. As a parent, I think one of the key advantages is that it allows you to sit back and enjoy your cup of tea and read your book while keeping an eye on the kids playing outside-without being disturbed by the noise of their backyard cricket commentary.

Also, imagine no longer having to listen to your over enthusiastic neighbour mowing his lawn at 7am every Saturday. Acoustic performance glass makes it easy to relax at home, you can simply close the window and disconnect from the outside world and recharge in peace and quiet.

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