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What Is Low Iron Suede Tempered Glass?
Jul 07, 2017

  What is low iron suede tempered glass?

  Commonly known as fiberglass reinforced fiber reinforced plastic, generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, tempered glass epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix.

  Reinforced plastic with fiberglass or its products as reinforcing material, called fiberglass reinforced plastic, or titled fiberglass. As a result of the use of different varieties of resin, so there are polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, phenolic glass steel said.

  [Edit this paragraph] physical and chemical properties

  Glass is hard and brittle, has good transparency and high temperature, corrosion resistance and other properties; while steel is very hard and not fragile, but also has the characteristics of high temperature. So people began to think, tempered glass if you can create a both with the hardness of glass, high temperature, corrosion-resistant nature, but also has the same characteristics of iron and hard not broken, then this material will be of great use.

  People through research and testing, and finally made such a composite material. It is able to stand with steel and steel fence.

  Let's take a look at a test to see if it's good or not.

  In a valley surrounded by mountains, a test is underway. As far as 200 meters behind the bunker people, eyes are staring at the center of the valley stood an oxygen bottle. The air compressor is rhythmic and is continuously inflated through the alloy steel pipe to the oxygen cylinder. The pointer on the gauge affects the heart of everyone. Readings from 100-200-400-500 gradually rose until 700 kg 1 square centimeters, tempered glass only to hear a loud noise, oxygen cylinder exploded! The people around him cheered and jumped up: "Success!"

  Oxygen cylinders are a high pressure resistant container. It is subject to the working pressure is 150 kg / square centimeter. In order to use safety, it is required to be able to withstand three times the working pressure, that is, 450 kg / cm. Do not burst, be considered qualified. The oxygen cylinders tested above are far beyond the design requirements. What is the steel made of this? Is fiberglass, more precisely, is made of glass and plastic together.

  The glass is hard and brittle material, a wrestling on the broken, which with the glass name of the FRP can withstand it? And then carried out a new test.

  Put another glass of steel oxygen cylinder inflated to 150 kg / square centimeter, and then roll down the valley from the top of the hill. It collides with the rugged rock, has been rolling to the bottom still no burst. FRP oxygen cylinders have passed the quality inspection exam.

  General glass tensile strength is only one-eighth of ordinary steel. The glass melt, pulled into only one tenth of the diameter of the hair so thin glass fiber, tempered glass the original hard and fragile glass becomes soft and resistant to the glass fiber, the tensile strength can increase more than a dozen Times

  We all know that the cement block pressure, steel resistant to pull. With steel for bones, cement and gravel for the muscles, so that they are condensed together, learn from each other, become very strong - this is reinforced concrete.

  Similarly, if we use glass fiber for bones and bones, synthetic resin (phenolic plastic, epoxy resin and polyester resin) for the muscles, tempered glass so that they are condensed into one, made of the material, the tensile strength comparable with the steel - so Named fiberglass.

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