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What Is The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Half Tempered Glass?
Aug 15, 2017

  What is the difference between tempered glass and half tempered glass?

  Tempered glass is annealed through high temperature and quenching, the surface of the formation of a strong compressive stress, so that the mechanical strength of the glass increased several times, that is, glass. The surface stress of toughened glass is: 69~168 Mpa. It is characterized by broken small obtuse angle particles, the human body will not cause significant damage. Strength is 4 times times the strength of ordinary glass and above. With good thermal stability, ordinary FRP treatment can withstand the temperature difference of about 180°c. The disadvantage of tempered glass is easy to explode.

  Semi-toughened glass is also called heat-enhanced glasses, is annealed glass through high-temperature and quenching, surface formation below the pressure stress of the MPA, so that the mechanical strength of the glass increase, that is, the half tempered. The surface stress of semi toughened glass is: 24~69 Mpa. After its crushing and ordinary glass, the product is characterized by the strength of the half tempered glass is annealed more than twice times. Security: Fragmentation occurs when fragments radiate, each fragment extends to the edge, is not easy to fall off, safer, but does not belong to the safety glass. Deflection: Semi-toughened glass is smaller than tempered glasses. Thermal Stability: Thermal stability is also significantly better than annealed glass, ordinary glass can withstand the temperature difference of about 75°c. Semi-tempered glass does not explode.

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