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Why Is The Stress Spot Of Tempered Glass Produced?
Aug 15, 2017

  Why is the stress spot of tempered glass produced?

  When we are in a certain lighting conditions, in a certain distance and angle to observe the tempered glass, on the surface of the tempered glass will see some of the distribution is not a rule with color markings, so that the color of the stripes is what we usually call "stress spots."

  Although the presence of stress spots does not affect the reflective effect of the glass (there will be no reflection distortion), it will not affect the transmission of the glass (it will not affect the resolution, and will not produce optical deformation). It is an optical property of all tempered glass, not the quality problem or quality defect produced in the process of producing tempered glass.

  However, as a kind of safety glass, it has been widely used, people for the appearance of glass effect is also more and more high, especially as a large area of the curtain wall application of the presence of tempered glass stress spots will also give a very adverse impact on the appearance of glasses, and even affect the overall aesthetic effect of the building, so people on stress spots more and more intense attention.

  All transparent materials can be divided into isotropic materials and anisotropic materials. When the light passes through the isotropic material, the speed of light is the same in all directions, and the light and the incident light are unchanged, and the annealed glass is an isotropic material. When the light passes through the anisotropic materials, the incident light is divided into two rays with different velocities and different distances, and the light and the incident light change, and the tempered glass includes the anisotropic material.

  As a kind of anisotropic material of tempered glass, for the phenomenon that produces the stress spot the handset tempering film factory wholesaler may use the principle of photoelastic to explain for everybody: when a beam of polarized light passes through the tempered glass, because of the permanent stress (tempered stress) in the interior, the beam is decomposed into polarized light, which is both fast and slow, also known as birefringence.

  When two beams of light formed at one point intersect with a beam formed at another point, because the light travels at a different speed, there will be a phase difference at the intersection point of the beam, and at this point the two beams of light will cause interference. When two beams of light are in the same direction, the intensity of light strengthens to produce a bright field, that is, a bright spot; when the light amplitude is opposite, the light intensity weakens to produce a dark field, that is, a dark spot. As long as there is uneven distribution of stress in the plane direction of toughened glass, stress spots will be produced.

  In addition, the reflection of the glass surface will allow the reflection of light and transmission of a certain polarization effect, into the glass inside the light is actually only with the polarization effect of the light, which is the mobile phone toughened film manufacturers wholesalers users why they will see the dark and white stripes or stripe of the truth.

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