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    • FishBowl

      Contact NowFishBowlIntroduction: Color: White, Black, Red, Red wine, Amber, Grey, Bronze etc. Material: Clear Float Glass, Ultra Clear Glass, Clear Paint Glass, Black Paint Glass, Red Paint Glass etc. Type: Rectangle, Square, Semicircle, Bullet etc. T echnology: Hot Bending Size(mm):...Read More

    • Dark Blue Float Glass

      Contact NowDark Blue Float GlassDark blue float glass is a glass that has been specially colored by the body, and its color is pure and uniform. Pure color, excellent quality, always broaden the design ideas and bring you different decorative effects.Read More

    • Euro Bronze Float Glass

      Contact NowEuro Bronze Float GlassEuro bronze float glass is non-deformable, precision flat and transparent glass. It is made by floating a molten glass ribbon on a molten metal bath. The strip is gradually cooled in an annealing furnace, then washed and cut to the desired size.Read More

    • Ultra Clear Glass

      Contact NowUltra Clear GlassIntroduction DESCRIPTION Ultra Clear Glass also be named as low iron glass. It has the features of high light transmittance and high transparency. The product is glittering and translucent, nobler and elegance, and also be called crystal prince in glass family. BENEFITS ☆ Smooth and flat surface...Read More

    • Dark Green Float Glass

      Contact NowDark Green Float GlassDark green float glass is a tinted glass that absorbs the energy of solar radiation. Therefore, it can reduce the heat of the sun, make the interior of the building more convenient and comfortable, and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the building.Read More

    • Loading 5.5mm Gp 3300*1830 3300*1900 Bronze Tinted And Reflective Float Glass

      Contact NowLoading 5.5mm Gp 3300*1830 3300*1900 Bronze Tinted And Reflective Float GlassRead More

    • Ford Blue Float Glass

      Contact NowFord Blue Float GlassFord blue float glass is an energy-saving decorative glass that can absorb heat rays in sunlight and maintain good transparency. It is used as a door or window or glass curtain wall for buildings, the color gives the modern building a pleasant decorative function.Read More

    • Euro Bronze Reflective Glass

      Contact NowEuro Bronze Reflective GlassEuro bronze reflective glass is a high performance reflective solar control float glass. It is made by coating a transparent or colored float glass with a transparent metal oxide film, which will result in various colors and high thermal properties of the reflective glass.Read More

    • Clear Float Glass

      Contact NowClear Float GlassIntroduction DESCRIPTION Clear Glass is distortion-free, precision fiat and transparent glass. It is made of molten glass which flows through tweel to tin bath and then to lehr. While floating through the molten tin, the glass under the works of gravity and surface tension becomes smooth and...Read More

    • Dark Grey Float Glass

      Contact NowDark Grey Float GlassWith this new color, the dark grey float glass is a colored glass made of float, with a color appearance and basic solar control characteristics, the glass can reduce the transmission of harmful rays of sunlight up to 80%, thus minimizing the fading of indoor furniture.Read More

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