Roof Window(skylight Window

The design of the roof window (skylight window) proposes a new solution for saving space. Without affecting the distance of the building's sunshine, adding a layer of sloping roof between the top of the original building or designing a sloping roof layer on the new building not only increases the living area, but also produces good economic benefits, and the lighting is sufficient to improve the living. Conditions can also make the roof have a good waterproof effect.
BLUE STAR is one professional China manufacturers and suppliers, specialized in building glass industry. Our factory offers various sizes of roof window(skylight window) for you to choose from: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. Welcome to wholesale roof window(skylight window) here from our factory.
The roof window is suitable for roofs of different forms and different shapes. The roof under the roof window is characterized by beautiful and comfortable, bright and pleasant and well ventilated. Since the roof window is parallel to the sloping roof, it is possible to obtain a long-term sunshine, so that a sufficient uniform natural light can be obtained between the sloping roofs, thereby creating a bright and elegant indoor atmosphere. The opening of the roof window (skylight window) is controlled by a top handle. The special mid-suspension shaft can stabilize the sash in different positions. It is both ventilated and can clean the outside glass from the room, which is convenient and practical.
The roof window (skylight window) we provide, with its good ventilation, lighting effect, excellent product quality, strong marketing and after-sales service team, make the products have won the trust and praise of our customers. It can receive sunlight in a wide range, and the lighting depth is large and uniform. At the same time, it can provide a broad and clear view, making the interior space feel spacious, bright, elegant, vivid and beautiful, is an indispensable essential for the roof loft.
• Make the home light, ventilation and ventilation.
• Reduce the feeling of head space depression.
• When you are relaxed, look up at the raindrops and watch the stars.
    • Roof Window(Skylight Window)

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      Roof Window(Skylight Window)

      Specifications 1.wooden folding window 2.good quality 3.waterproof and soundproof, heat insulated 4.elegant design 5.own factory Application 1. Roof Window 2. Basement roof window 3. Shopping mall roof window 4. Station and other public building roof window Wooden Roof Window...

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